Ask your MSPs to Bring Back Thrombectomy

My name's Robert.  Two years ago I had a severe stroke. It took my ability to move easily and to talk. I was lucky enough to receive a Thrombectomy - without it things could have been so much worse.  

Thrombectomy is a specialised treatment which physically removes the blood clot from the brain.  It isn't suitable for everyone after a stroke, but around 600 people a year in Scotland could benefit if it was available, improving their chances of living without disability.

The limited Thrombectomy service in Scotland was withdrawn last year. I need your help to make sure that this life-changing treatment is offered to everyone in Scotland who needs one. 

Please  email your MSPs asking them to write to the Cabinet Secretary for Health Jeane Freeman about how important a thrombectomy service is to hundreds of stroke survivors.  It takes just a minute of your time but could help make all the difference.

600 people with stroke could miss out on their best chance of recovery this year because they can't get a Thrombectomy in Scotland.  It's time that people get access to this life-changing treatment as soon as possible.  

Thank you for your help.

Robert Baldock

Stroke survivor and Bring Back Thrombectomy campaigner