Ask your local candidates to see Hospital to Home in action

On the 6th May the Scottish Parliament elections will take place, giving us 129 MSPs, many of them new faces.

With your help we can make sure that from day one they're ready to work with us to ensure that no one leaves hospital scared and alone.

Can you help us, and send an email to your local election candidates asking them to visit our services if they're elected?

Thanks to your help so far, each of the political party leaders in Scotland has confirmed that they support the No Life Half Lived campaign. That means each party is committed to growing our vital Hospital to Home services so that no one misses out. 

But we want to make sure that every new MSP also takes action to make these vital campaign promises a reality. 

Meeting their constituents - whether in person or virtually - means they will see for themselves how important our Hospital to Home support services are.

Please take a minute to fill in your details, and we'll do the rest, sending an automatic email to all the election candidates in your constituency and your region.

Thank you - your action makes all the difference.

Here's the text of the email that we'll send:

I'm writing to ask that, if you are elected as an MSP on 6th May, you commit to seeing for yourself the difference that Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland's Hospital to Home services make to your constituents.

All party leaders support the charity's No Life Half Lived campaign that calls for Hospital to Home to be available to everyone who needs it.  We need to see that being made a reality by the new Parliament with MSPs doing what they can to bring about change locally. 

People in our area are leaving hospital scared and alone. Everyone with chest, heart and stroke conditions deserves the help they need to live life to the full.  

Chest Heart & Stroke's Hospital to Home services bridge the gap between leaving hospital or receiving a diagnosis, and the return home. They provide vital support to help people do more than just survive - they help them really live. 

Health is about so much more than medical treatment. It's about giving people the right support for every aspect of their lives that is affected - emotional, physical, and practical.

Please let me know that you'll make sure you visit Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland's Hospital to Home services if you are elected, so you can see for yourself the difference they make.

To arrange a vist please contact Kath Byrne on